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NatWest And LOCAL iQ’s Top 100 Businesses 2021

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

4-22 Foundation has been chosen as one of NatWest and LOCALiQ’s Top 100 Businesses in the South East 2021. We are one of six Community Focus Businesses that reached the final. The initiative aimed to highlight businesses in the South East that have displayed resilience, embraced changes in the workplace, and succeeded in innovation over the Covid-19 pandemic.

Newsquest has partner with NatWest and LOCALiQ to feature case studies about the Top 100 Businesses in the South East 2021. This article featured about us in numerous local newspapers across London, Essex, and Sussex:

4-22 Foundation: Supporting the young

Young people most in need of opportunities and long-term help are the focus of 4-22 Foundation.

Founded in 2019 and based in Tottenham, the foundation offers continuous and integrated long-term support to young people through every stage of their childhood – from the ages of four to 22. 4-22 partners with local schools, service providers, statutory agencies, corporations, trusts and healthcare professionals to reach those most in need of help.

The organisation provides an interlinked, continuous and holistic series of projects throughout a young person’s life from mentoring and academic support to vocational work placements and employability training.

One example of the way it operates is the Navigating Crisis Project. This aims to respond to some of the trains that the Covid-19 pandemic has put on young people in Tottenham including high unemployment rates and the negative impact on mental health. Projects like these keep young people positively engaged, move them towards future employment, improve their confidence and alleviate mental health struggles.”

Read more about NatWest and LOCALiQ’s Top 100 Businesses 2021 here.

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