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Introduction To STEM

Introduction to STEM is an ongoing 4-22 Foundation Project aiming to introduce school pupils to various industries and skills within the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics industries.

The sessions are delivered to spark curiosity in our young people about the science and technology that is all around us. The project aims to raise their aspirations and show them exciting career options to work towards in the future.

The Introduction to STEM project is delivered in sessions to groups of school pupils in Years 7 to 9. We expose these young people to STEM-related careers and raise awareness of career paths available to them prior to deciding their GCSE subjects.



Our project tutor covers topic areas including robotics, coding, video games, AR and VR, and 3D printing. In each case, the young people will be looking at:

  • The current state of the industry and how it impacts life today.

  • How the science/technology of the industry actually works.

  • Where the industry is set to go in the future.

  • What kind of roles can young people expect to see.

At the end of each area of focus, the young people will have been exposed to the different technologies, people, and work opportunities that exist within each industry. More importantly, they will see where they can fit within that industry.

One of our aims is to improve diversity in STEM industries by encouraging BAME and/or female students into those fields from a young age. Guest speakers from STEM industries and similar backgrounds to the students help to solidify learnings and inspire the groups of young people.

Project Tutor

The project sessions will be led by Nigel Twumasi. Nigel is an entrepreneur and STEM/Video Games Ambassador and formerly worked as a software engineer.

Nigel is the co-founder of the manga brand mayamada: a creative brand that reaches into comics/manga, gaming and youth engagement. In addition to their universe of manga, mayamada host an industry-recognised social gaming event called GamePad, promoting community and inclusion through video games.

Nigel also delivers creative comic story workshops via The StoryBoard by mayamada. The programme engages young people aged 8 to 15 into high-quality creative comic story workshop programmes. To date, Nigel has delivered over 150 sessions reaching more than 1000 young people across London boroughs including Haringey.

In 2019 Nigel was also recognised as a member of the nationwide 56 Black Men campaign.

To read more about our impact, please download our impact report for our first Introduction to STEM project below.

4-22 Foundation – Introduction to STEM – Impact Report 2021Download



Introduction To STEM

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