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Music Meets Art

Music Meets Art is 4-22 Foundation’s first creative arts project. The project will engage young people aged 12 to 25 in the process of making their own creative work.

Music Meets Art will deliver taster sessions in creativity, learning and storytelling through music and art. The young people will be taught how to turn their personal stories into art and music.

The young people will be encouraged to explore their own inner creative resources whilst being shown how the creative process can help them increase their positive well-being, raise confidence and aspirations, and inspire them in their day-to-day activities.

The project will provide pathways to careers in music and fashion. Each student will have their own portfolio of work to take away as a record of their creative ability. Creative professionals, families, and friends will be invited to public performances and exhibitions where students will showcase the work that they have created.


4-22 Foundation co-designed the Music Meets Art project with The RecordShop and Box of Prints. We will work in partnership with these two organizations to deliver the project.

The RecordShop

The RecordShop is a multi-award winning music recording studio founded by rapper, producer and DJ Mary Otumahana. The organization offers access to free studio time, music industry mentoring and performance opportunities.

Box of Prints

Box of Prints was founded in 2016 by textiles designer Zara Afflick. The company specialises in creating unique printed fabrics. Box of Prints have delivered After School Youth Clubs, Taster Days for young people and youth projects for Black History Month.

Mary and Zara will teach the students by delivering group workshops and one-to-one tuition on music and fashion. They will tutor the students to produce their portfolio of creative work and help shape their public performance and exhibitions.

Do you work in a creative industry? Would you be able to offer experience or advice to our young people? Get in touch here.



Music Meets Art

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