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Tuition School

The purpose of 4-22 Foundation’s Tuition School is to help children from our local community in Tottenham improve their confidence and achieve their full potential.

We offer free extracurricular academic support to primary school age children. The pupils are taught Maths, English and Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by qualified tutors and experienced teaching assistants.

We ensure that each student receives the tailored support that they need to improve their literacy and numeracy. By encouraging students to reach their full academic potential, the confidence of the children will also be greatly improved.


We provide targeted and tailored academic support to the children in our community that will most benefit from additional support. Our work supports parents who are less able to academically support their children at home, as well as supporting our partner primary school in helping their students catch up with learning missed due to Covid-19.

The Tuition School solidifies the skills that students need to do well in school. We also identify students who are potentially academically gifted so that we can encourage and support them to take the 11+ exams.

4-22 Foundation is committed to providing continued, long-term support to the children and young people that participate in our projects. We will continue to support the children who attend our Tuition School over a 15 year period – helping them to achieve excellent GCSE and A-Level results, enter good universities and finally help them gain employment in their chosen field.

In 2021, our tutors noted that students taking part in the Tuition School had:

  • Improved scores

  • Improved participation and enthusiasm

  • Improved confidence

  • Aspirations raised – with more students engaged in taking the 11+ exam

“Having now worked with the 4-22 Foundation for almost two terms we are delighted to celebrate the many successes. Their tutors were exceptional. They met weekly with class teachers to identify specific needs and also conducted baseline assessments. Every child progressed from their starting points in maths and Reading (the two targeted areas of tuition focus).”

Christalla Jamil – Executive Headteacher of St. Pauls and All Hallows Junior School

To read more about our Tuition School’s impact, please download our interim impact report for 2020-21:




4-22 Foundation Tuition School

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