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How to help

By contributing your time and energy, you can help us provide safe and supportive opportunities where young people can raise and then achieve their aspirations. You can help out by participating in activities that support the organization’s mission, such as mentoring, fundraising or volunteering. Your efforts will create a positive impact on the lives of those who need it the most.

Our Work

Our organization  is dedicated to providing long-term support to young people through every stage of their development. We provide safe and supportive opportunities where young people can raise and then achieve their aspirations.Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are passionate about helping young people realize their potential. We are committed to creating a better future by helping young people become successful and confident adults.

Our current projects

Find out more about our projects and the support we provide to our community in Tottenham and across London. 

News and Blogs


Highly Commended Community Organisation Newcomer of the Year 4-22 Foundation was pleased to be Highly Commended as a Community Organisation Newcomer of the Year at the recent Haringey Community Impact Awards 2021 organised by the Bridge Renewal Trust. 4-22 Foundation was recognised for the brilliant work that it has done in Tottenham, Haringey, and Enfield […]


4-22 Foundation has been chosen as one of NatWest and LOCALiQ’s Top 100 Businesses in the South East 2021. We are one of six Community Focus Businesses that reached the final. The initiative aimed to highlight businesses in the South East that have displayed resilience, embraced changes in the workplace, and succeeded in innovation over […]


Our Co-founder and Director Gavin Jackson was recently interviewed for the Global Forum On Cities organised by Things Growth. The Global Forum on Cities is a series of global events as well as a platform for innovation, programmes and projects for city stakeholders. Their interview with Gavin was part of a series on social impact […]


 It was much better than expected. I was able to experience and see a large variety of dental procedures and familiarize myself with other aspects of dentistry. The team was welcoming and friendly, making it easy to ask questions and gain confidence. The placement was a positive experience, and it really met my expectations. Placement highlights include being able to see procedures up close, speaking to other dental team members, and learning about their experiences. I learned about and expanded my knowledge of dental procedures, the working environment, and other aspects, and I shadowed a dental nurse to better understand her role. The placement helped me with my future career aspirations, as I had fresh and thorough experiences to talk about in my dentistry interviews. This is the last part of my application process. Last but not least, I strongly recommend the 4-22 Foundation to other young people too. For now, they have done exactly what I needed to progress with my application, as I was struggling to find work experience by myself.

Khadijah Jahan

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